Self Care


The original "yoga," meditation is not just a practice but a way of being.  

Turning our attention inward, away from external distractions ~ no matter how briefly ~ can help us to cultivate awareness, perspective, inner peace, presence, equanimity, clear seeing, and compassion for ourselves and others.  There are many styles of meditation practice, making it accessible to all.  It is simple and yet profoundly transformative at once, and lets us experience life with greater joy, wonder, and wisdom.  

Guided Meditation is an important part of all Yoga classes and Self Care classes offered here.  

The time spent on meditation depends on the nature of the class and the experience level of the students. Guided meditation is also incorporated into many of the Transformational Bodywork sessions done for individuals, to facilitate the client's healing and a deeper connection with themselves and their body.


Yoga is a 6,ooo year old system of personal growth.

The word "Yoga" means to "yoke" or "unite"~ referring to its aim of uniting all parts of ourselves, and uniting our seemingly-separate selves with the Divine or greater whole. 

Yoga is not a religion, and can be practiced by anyone~ young or old, healthy or ill, religious or not~ to improve their quality of life, health, and peace of mind.

"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness

in order to experience the truth of who you are..."

~Erich Schiffmann

Hatha Yoga, the yoga of bodily postures, is the most familiar to those in the west. Hatha Yoga practice develops self-awareness, strength, flexibility, body symmetry, coordination, and balance. It improves posture and alignment, and can reprogram habitual patterns of movement, creating new muscle memory and healthy changes in the way we use our bodies. Yoga asanas (postures) stimulate blood flow to all of the internal organs, improving their function. 

Yoga balances the body, mind, and emotions.   Deep relaxation techniques and proper breathing are important aspects of yoga practice; the nervous system is calmed, blood pressure normalizes, tension and pain are reduced, and physical problems improve. Yoga cultivates equanimity and a calm, centered mind so that we can more skillfully respond to the ups and downs of life.  By holding the postures, relaxing into the sensations and breathing, the practitioner develops control over one's own mind and reactive tendencies.  

Whether in private sessions or group settings, students are encouraged to tune into and honor their bodies and their inner wisdom.  Modifications for postures are given in accordance with the students' needs and abilities, and props are often used to support correct alignment. 


Private Yoga Sessions

by appointment $85

An hour long session of private instruction, for those who need a therapeutic approach for specific physical concerns or who would like guidance with their home practice.  Customized to the client's needs and goals, private yoga sessions can be a valuable part of maintaining health and well-being; developing strength, suppleness, and balance; recovering from illness and injury, and reducing stress and anxiety.  Postures are modified according to the students' needs and abilities, and props are used to support proper alignment.

Mindfulness Yoga

six week series $90

75 minute, traditional hatha yoga class via zoom.  For students who have some experience with yoga and are physically able to do the postures. This class begins with meditation & inspiration. The asana portion of the practice focuses on alignment and awareness, often around a central theme.  Guided relaxation in a restorative pose or traditional Savasana (Corpse Pose) completes the class with a deeply restful state which promotes healing and well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

Self Care Classes

The key to well-being is not the big things we do once in a while, but rather small frequent investments in ourselves. How we care for ourselves is the foundation for our relationships with others, and for all we do in the world. These classes are designed to support you in being your best, within a time frame that can comfortably fit your schedule. An attitude of self-acceptance and honoring oneself is encouraged. 

Movement and Meditation for Every Body              

six week series $60

30 minute session designed to be easy to fit into your schedule and accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness, ability, or experience. The session includes 10-15 minutes of gentle movement, a guided meditation, and words of inspiration to support your well-being and peace of mind.

Classes for Your Business or Organization                                                                             prices vary

Available as a one-time experience or an on-going series. These classes have been well-received by a wide range of audiences, from Fortune 50 company executives and leadership committees, to parent organizations, and private groups.  Investing in your team members helps them to feel their best as individuals and fosters team comradery, cohesiveness and growth. When each person thrives, the group thrives and everyone succeeds.  Typically provided in a 25-30 minute format like the class above, these sessions are tailored to the needs of your group and can be done in a variety of settings (even at your work desk!)  Contact Bryony for pricing and to discuss how she could best serve you.