“Transformative: the word that best describes my experience of work with Bryony.

As a meditator, teacher, choral director, I've had bodywork off and on throughout my adult life. It has keep me paying attention to my body, for which I am grateful.  And the work with Bryony surpasses it all in a gentle, simple, "of course" way. I have always felt that the body is our best teacher. Now that idea has expanded tremendously, and I treasure that growth. Never in my entire experience has the interface, the connection, between body, mind and spirit been so obvious.  I treasure every session's experience and learning.”

With deep gratitude,

 Arlene Long, age 79.

“Bryony is a very intuitive and beautiful soul.  She seems to always know what I need most and makes the experience a life lesson sprinkled with love and compassion.  

Bryony, may you know the enlightenment that you give to others with your gifts.“   

     ~Barbara Baker, Corpus Christi, TX

“Dear Bryony - thank you so much for the Meditation/Mindfulness session you lead for our parent community at Castilleja School. We received great feedback about the session!  One of the moms said it was the best thing she did all summer!”                                           

                                                              ~T.S., Palo Alto, CA

“Bryony's clear direction, explanation of poses, and soothing voice made her yoga class my favorite one ever!”    

~Christa Mobley, Silver Spring, MD

“Amazing.  I always seem to come away so much more in tune with myself and others.  Always learning something new from you.  Thank you for being the healer that you are!“                                               ~ B.B                                                                                                                    .

“Bryony is a thoughtful and gifted teacher. 

 I highly recommend Bryony's classes, as well as her Yoga for Equestrians CD.”

                                                                   ~C.P., Williston, FL

“Bryony's clear, detailed instruction helped me to find proper alignment. Bryony's soothing voice guided us through an invigorating- yet relaxing- session. I would recommend her classes to anyone.”

~Fleta Sokal, MD, Forest Hill, MD

"Great class... you always speak to just what I need!"  ~ H.L., Corpus Christi, TX

“Bryony's hands emanate therapeutic healing. 

 Her quiet, soothing demeanor contributes to a relaxing experience at her hands.  Before the first session I had surgery scheduled for a nerve issue in my foot.  

After only two sessions I am pain free.”            

   ~Susan McClure, Ocala, FL

"Just wanted to let you know your treatment and 'stretching' recommendation is really helping.  I worked 2 1/2 busy days since our session and I still feel great.  I forgot to tell you I usually get sciatica pain after driving more than an hour, but not this weekend working in Tampa (2 hour drive each way).  Thank you!"   ~ Brent Barrett, DVM, Equine Podiatry specialist

My chronic SI pain is gone, thanks to you!”       ~H. S., Ocala, FL

“The day after being thrown from my horse, my left leg was so sore that I was unable to lift it without using the aid of my hands. That evening Bryony performed Ortho-Bionomy® on me. It was so subtle, that I hardly imagined one session would accomplish much. The following day I was pleasantly surprised to find my leg had minimal soreness, and I could lift it without using my hands. By day two, I had absolutely no pain! I recommend Bryony's methods to anyone experiencing any type of discomfort. She is truly gifted.”

~S.J.~ Ocala, FL.

“The problem with my back had been ongoing for many years, but as of February 2008 it took a whole new path of debilitation. My sciatic problem was becoming progressively worse, despite regular treatment. I reached a point I could not sit, stand, crawl, or walk. I was in agonizing pain and was completely bedridden for nearly a week. Bryony was referred to me by a friend who assured me that Bryony's technique was not invasive or aggressive, but would be gentle yet effective. After two sessions with Bryony, I was able to get about without the use of a walker. Now after four sessions I can hardly believe I had been totally incapacitated just weeks before. I still have a few limitations and will continue with Bryony’s sessions, but my overall outlook is considerably better thanks to her gentle method of healing. I highly recommend Bryony and her use of Ortho-Bionomy® to anyone who has chronic pain.”

~JC, Ocala, Florida

“I first went to Bryony for bodywork because I had been having difficulty sleeping due to my arms going numb, and a cracking sound in my neck. After just the first treatment with Bryony, I could feel the improvement immediately and was able to sleep that night without either arm falling asleep. Also, I noticed the following day that the cracking sound in my neck was greatly diminished. After the second treatment, the cracking in my neck has virtually disappeared and I do not have any numbness in my arms. I can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep. I would gladly recommend Bryony as a caring, compassionate healer who is dedicated to her profession. I am thankful to have met her.”

--Norma S, Daytona Beach, Florida 

“I had to stop my workouts at the gym, because of pain and weakness in my muscles. After having Ortho-Bionomy® from Bryony, I went back to the gym and was amazed that I could now do exercises I hadn't been able to do before, and was comfortable doing them. I was able to achieve more in the workout because I was able to access those muscles...and everything just felt easier.”

~Kathryn R., Corpus Christi, TX

"You plenty smart girl Miz B! Made numbness in my hands disappear from 4 states away! I know you studied up and there are probably ones smart as you, but I'm thinking you got a major edge in this fixing biz cos automatic not numb is an exceptional ability! Thanks for wowing 'em in the balcony!!"

~A.E., Corpus Christi, TX, after distance session to address carpal tunnel pain

"I am impressed by my success! My back is more often than not my friend. My knees are now serving me well. I have lost WITHOUT TRYING about 20 pounds (189 to 170) since beginning work with you. The left shoulder trick you taught me knocked my socks off! I wasn't even aware of how tender that spot was, deep in my shoulder. You provide excellent benefit, what I learn and experience with you serves me daily. Thank you!"

~ A.L., Corpus Christi, TX (distance session client)


“I was first introduced to Reiki during a very stressful time in my life, when a friend offered to give me a treatment. During the session, I was amazed at the deep level of relaxation I experienced. I had never before felt so profoundly relaxed while still being completely awake. After the session, I continued to feel relaxed and calm; I was less anxious and was better able to cope with all the stresses I was going through. My sleep, which had been difficult, improved as well.

“But my favorite experience with Reiki was seeing how it helped my grandmother. She was 103 years old, and though she had always taken good care of her health and remained healthy most of her life, she now had an infection in her foot. Her pain was excrutiating, and even the slightest movement as she lay in bed was unbearable for her. She was unable to walk, and in the wheelchair she would wince with pain as it was jostled going over a crack in the sidewalk. When I went to visit her, a fellow Reiki practitioner and I 'teamed up' and did a treatment for her together. Grandma fell sound asleep on the table while we worked for a little over an hour. When we finished, we woke her; she got up off the table and walked out to the waiting room where my dad had been waiting. She had completely forgotten about her pain (at her age, short term memory was not good anyway; she was only aware of what was happening in the present moment, and at that moment she had no pain and no memory of pain.) Dad was astounded; a skeptical engineer, he had not expected Reiki would do much, but he went along to humor me and to help Grandma in and out of her wheelchair. He said, "Mother! Don't you want your wheelchair?" She responded, "Wheelchair? Why would I want that?"