Flower Essences


Gentle positioning and movement engage the body's self-corrective reflexes to release muscular tension and strain, reduce pain, and improve functioning, alignment, and range of motion. Patterns of posture and movement are addressed, getting at the root of recurring pain and restriction, and providing longer lasting improvement.

The body is always working towards homeostasis; if given the proper circumstances, it will self-correct and heal from within. Sometimes the body’s natural ability to remain balanced is short-circuited. This may be due to stress, injury, accident, improper posture, emotional experiences, and/or over-taxing the body’s limits. When this happens, the body tries to adapt as best it can, but in the process may create patterns of even greater stress or dysfunction. Ortho-Bionomy® assists the body in returning to its original state of well-being; it addresses both the presenting imbalances and the underlying patterns that cause the pain or dysfunction.

The body’s structure is one of the key focuses of the practice of Ortho-Bionomy®; optimal functioning of every system in the body is only possible when the body structure is in proper alignment and working efficiently. In Ortho-Bionomy®, the nervous system ("master system") is used to effect change in the skeletal, muscular, and other body systems (glandular, organ, lymphatic, etc). Gentle, attentive movement and positioning stimulate the body to self-correct.

For a short video introduction to Ortho-Bionomy®,click here.

Ortho-Bionomy® is compatible with all healing systems and can be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies, such as massage and chiropractic. Many medical professionals- including physicians, surgeons, massage therapists, neurologists, chiropractors, and physical therapists- refer patients to practitioners of Ortho-Bionomy®. 

Adaptive Massage 

 Customized to the client's individual needs, this massage may include several styles and techniques including Swedish, Neuro-muscular (NMT), Myofascial Release, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Sports Massage. Stretching, passive movement, and isometrics may also be incorporated into the treatment session.

The primary focus in massage is the soft tissue: muscles and their attachments, and the fascia. Massage reduces muscular tension and restriction, improves tone of skin and muscles, eases pain and stress, improves circulation, calms the nervous system, and supports the body's natural healing process as well as muscle recovery after exercise.

It can assist in loosening scar tissue and areas of chronic contraction, while improving lymphatic and venous return and releasing metabolic waste from the muscles.

Lymphatic Massage

Light, rhythmic contact stimulates the lymphatic system for improved detoxification, general health and well-being, or healing from injury or illness. Lymphatic Massage can be helpful as part of a weight loss program. It is also useful for those with allergies, arthritis, edema, digestive disturbances, and skin problems.


Reiki is a natural, non-invasive healing technique.

It involves channeling universal life force energy through the hands of the practitioner to the client. It benefits the recipient on all levels:

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

At our most basic level, we are made of energy. Pain, illness, and disease are thought to be caused by disturbances, blockage, or imbalance in this energy. Reiki works at the causal level to restore energy, balance, and harmony so that the body can heal itself.  

Deeply relaxing and restorative, Reiki reduces pain, eases stress, enhances the immune system, and speeds healing. Studies have shown it to be effective for numerous conditions, including allergies, depression, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. It it effective treatment in cases of broken bones, osteoporosis, muscle strains and sprains. People who receive Reiki report having more energy, sleeping better, and feeling happier and calmer overall. The benefits of Reiki are progressive and accumulative with successive treatments.

Many major hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Portsmouth Regional Hospital, now include Reiki in their integrative medicine departments to ease pre-surgical anxiety, speed healing after surgeries, and decrease patients' need for pain medication. Cancer patients receiving Reiki report less nausea and fatigue after chemotherapy and radiation. Some diabetic patients have been able to reduce their need for insulin after starting Reiki treatment. Research has shown it to be effective in patients with diabetic neuropathy, both reducing pain and improving circulation; and in heart patients, normalizing heart rate and blood pressure. In cases of trauma, Reiki is a gentle way for the patient to regain their sense of wholeness and connection to themselves.

Private Yoga Sessions 

Yoga is a 6,ooo year old system of personal growth.

The word "Yoga" means to "yoke" or "unite"~ referring to its aim of uniting all parts of ourselves, and uniting our seemingly-separate selves with the Divine or greater whole. Yoga is not a religion, and can be practiced by anyone~ young or old, healthy or ill, religious or not~ to improve their quality of life, health, and peace of mind.

Hatha Yoga, the yoga of bodily postures, is the most familiar to those in the west. Hatha Yoga practice develops self-awareness, strength, flexibility, body symmetry, coordination, and balance. It improves posture and alignment, and can reprogram habitual patterns of movement, creating new muscle memory and healthy changes in the way we use our bodies. Yoga asanas (postures) stimulate blood flow to all of the internal organs, improving their function. Yoga balances the body, mind, and emotions. Deep relaxation techniques and proper breathing is an important part of yoga practice; the nervous system is calmed, blood pressure normalizes, tension and pain are reduced, and physical problems improve. By holding the postures, relaxing into the sensations and breathing, the practitioner develops control over one's own mind and reactive tendencies. Yoga cultivates equanimity and a calm, centered mind so that we can more skillfully respond to the ups and downs of life.  

"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness

in order to experience the truth of who you are..."

                ~Erich Schiffmann

Customized to the client's needs and goals, private yoga sessions can be a valuable part of maintaining health and well-being, recovery from illness and injury, improving performance in a sport or occupation, and reducing stress. Students are encouraged to tune into oneself and honor that intuitive inner guidance. The postures are modified to serve the students' needs and abilities, and props are used to support proper alignment. 

Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences

 Flower essences are a safe, natural, non-toxic

healing modality that help get at the root of symptoms and address specific tendencies in the mind, body, and emotions, supporting deeper healing. Highly effective, safe, gentle, and non-intrusive, they are complimentary to other treatments and supplements.

Flower essences were first developed in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. Dr. Bach recognized that the physical symptoms he was treating in his patients were intimately related to their mental and emotional disharmonies. He found that flower remedies were able to address these underlying patterns, and he left his successful medical practice to devote himself fully to their development.

Now, several companies have carried on the work Dr. Bach began. Many companies offer only single-flower essences. Botanical Alchemy essences are 'Synergistic Blends' of several flowers, which have greatly enhanced potency and support one another towards the desired goal.